How and where to dispose of old electronics






The advancement of technology has led to a constant increase in the amount of electronic devices present in our lives.

However, we often don’t know what to do with these devices when they become obsolete or broken.

Improper disposal of electronic materials can cause serious harm to the environment and human health, as these devices contain harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium.

It is therefore extremely important to know how and where to properly dispose of old electronics. There are several options available to ensure these devices are recycled or disposed of safely.

Return to manufacturer

Some companies offer recycling or collection programs for old electronics. When buying a new device, check if the manufacturer has such a program.

You can often return the old product directly to the company so they can dispose of it properly.

If your equipment is from DELL, for example, or from Sony, search the internet for equipment disposal.

At the end of the article you will have a contact list of the main companies to contact (I think the fastest way).

Collection points

Many cities have specific collection points for electronic materials. These stations are usually located in strategic points, such as supermarkets, malls or community centers.

Check if there is a collection point near you and take your old electronics there.

Recycling Programs

There are several organizations and companies that offer electronics recycling programs. These companies collect the old devices, disassemble them and recycle the individual components. This helps reduce the environmental impact caused by improper disposal of these materials.


If your electronic device is still working but you no longer use it, consider donating it to charity or social projects.

Often, these organizations can refurbish the device and provide it to people who cannot afford a new one.


Here are some contacts of companies that can help you.

The correct disposal of old electronic material is essential to preserve the environment and prevent damage to human health. By following the options mentioned above, you will be contributing to reducing the environmental impact caused by these devices.

Always remember to erase all personal data from your device before disposing of it. Also, check to see if the aforementioned disposal options are available in your region.


See the path of discarded electronic materials in Brazil. Very interesting documentary!

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