Sustainable disposal is a fundamental practice to preserve the environment and ensure a healthier future for the planet.
We offer here an educational approach on how to properly dispose of various types of waste.
It is important to avoid disposing of some types of waste in the general trash, as they contain toxic substances and materials that can be recycled.
The Descartes category provides information on collection points and specialized companies that recycle this equipment responsibly.
Here you will find guidance on how to properly store and forward used oil for recycling or safe disposal.
We address other forms of sustainable disposal, such as recycling paper, plastic, glass and composting organic waste.
Through the available articles, you will have access to tips and practices to promote conscious disposal and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

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Energy Saving Tips: Reduce Your Electricity Bill Now!

Many people are surprised when they receive their electricity bills. After all, electricity rates can be quite high, especially in times of intense heat or severe cold. Fortunately, there are several ways to save energy and reduce your electricity bill. One... Continue reading

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Learn to reuse organic waste from your home with compost

The composting is a simple and efficient practice to reuse the organic remains produced in our home.By turning this waste into compost, we can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and also get a nutritious product for... Continue reading

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How your family can produce less waste

In today's world, the garbage problem has become increasingly serious and it is necessary for everyone to do their part to reduce the amount of waste we produce on a daily basis. One of the most efficient ways to contribute to... Continue reading

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