Category where we will teach you how to make biodegradable, sustainable products and even ones that can earn you some profit.

No pesticides, plastic packaging and nothing that could harm nature.

We will teach you how to earn extra income or save at the end of the month with a series of products used on a daily basis at home.

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Energy Saving Tips: Reduce Your Electricity Bill Now!

Many people are surprised when they receive their electricity bills. After all, electricity rates can be quite high, especially in times of intense heat or severe cold. Fortunately, there are several ways to save energy and reduce your electricity bill. One... Continue reading

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Electric and hybrid cars in Brazil plummet in price (up to $19k cheaper!)

The electric and hybrid car market in Brazil underwent a turnaround in the second half of 2023, with a series of price reductions. Speculation The price of cars around the world is highly speculative, with values rising and falling not just based... Continue reading

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Homemade disinfectant: How to make it at home with simple ingredients

Homemade disinfectants are a popular and affordable alternative to commercial products. With common ingredients found at home, you can create cleaning solutions that are effective and safe for everyday use. In addition, many people prefer homemade disinfectants because they do not... Continue reading

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How and where to dispose of old electronics

The advancement of technology has led to a constant increase in the amount of electronic devices present in our lives. However, we often don't know what to do with these devices when they become obsolete or broken. Improper disposal of electronic materials... Continue reading

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Learn to reuse organic waste from your home with compost

The composting is a simple and efficient practice to reuse the organic remains produced in our home.By turning this waste into compost, we can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and also get a nutritious product for... Continue reading

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How to do garbage collection in your home

The selective garbage collection is an essential practice for the preservation of the environment and sustainability.Waste separation can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and promote the reuse of materials.In this article, we are going to discuss... Continue reading

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How your family can produce less waste

In today's world, the garbage problem has become increasingly serious and it is necessary for everyone to do their part to reduce the amount of waste we produce on a daily basis. One of the most efficient ways to contribute to... Continue reading

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