Homemade disinfectant: How to make it at home with simple ingredients






Homemade disinfectants are a popular and affordable alternative to commercial products. With common ingredients found at home, you can create cleaning solutions that are effective and safe for everyday use.

In addition, many people prefer homemade disinfectants because they do not contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to health and the environment.

There are many different recipes for homemade disinfectants, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some popular mixtures include white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and essential oils.

However, it is important to remember that not all ingredients are safe for use on all surfaces and materials. Therefore, it is essential to follow the instructions carefully and test the solution on a small area before using it on a large scale.

If you prefer, at the end of this article you can watch a great video of how to do it!

What is Homemade Disinfectant

Homemade disinfectant is a cleaning solution that can be made at home with common ingredients such as vinegar, alcohol and baking soda. It is a more natural and economical alternative to conventional disinfectants sold in supermarkets.

Homemade disinfectants are effective at killing bacteria, viruses and germs, making them ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and other high-traffic areas in a home.

Plus, they are less toxic than the chemicals found in many commercial disinfectants and may be safer for pets and children.

There are many different recipes for homemade disinfectants, each with its own ingredients and proportions. It is important to carefully follow the instructions for each recipe to ensure the disinfectant is effective and safe for use.

Some recipes may be better suited for specific surfaces, such as floors or countertops, while others may be better suited for general use.

Why Make Homemade Disinfectant

Making your own cleaning supplies is an economical and sustainable option for keeping your home clean and germ-free. Furthermore, it is a healthier alternative for your health and the environment, as it avoids the use of harmful chemicals.

When making the disinfectant, it is possible to choose natural and biodegradable ingredients that do not harm the environment and do not cause skin irritation.

In addition, many of these ingredients can be easily found at home or in health food stores, making the production of disinfectant even more accessible.

Another advantage of making homemade disinfectant is the possibility of customizing the fragrance and intensity of the product according to each person’s preferences. Some ingredients, such as essential oils, can be added to give the disinfectant a pleasant and therapeutic aroma.

Finally, making homemade disinfectant is a way to reduce the amount of plastic packaging and chemicals that are discarded into the environment. By opting for this more sustainable alternative, it is possible to contribute to preserving the planet and building a more conscious and responsible future.

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